10 Ways To Become Successful Now

These are all the things I've learned along the way I hope it helps !

1. Lose Your Sense Of Entitlement

No matter what you think, the world doesn't owe you nothing. Just because you had a hard

upbringing or had some traumatizing event happen to you doesn't mean your entitled to get

what you want in life. Those with this mindset will always struggle in life, and will feel

overwhelmed with pressure and sadness. Remember you work hard and smart for the goals

you want.

2. Network

My biggest gift I have is to make people feel something. Outside of blogging and writing, I spend a lot of time on social media and in person conversing with people. Make people feel good. Don't kiss ass but make those who are important to you feel appreciated. Trust me it goes a long way. Your reputation is everything.

3. Do Good Work No Matter The Job

There's going to be times where you assign to a task that you don't want to do. I talked to a Chief in the military about this. He told me he knew I was going to be special in the Coast Guard by the way I cleaned toilets. I looked at him crazy , but now I realized what he meant. He told me the way you put effort into cleaning the shitter makes me believe that you will give the same enthusiasm at something more important. People look for small details that you do so always give a hundred percent.

4. Play To Your Strengths

There is nothing wrong with working on where you lack , but in most cases its better to play to your strengths. I mean sure Usain Bolt could maybe be a body builder , but the man runs fast. So he works on running fast. If you are good at numbers then work on numbers. Everyone has something that they are good at. The key is to monetize your gifts.

5. Understand What Success Is

There is no definition to success. Why? Because it's different to everyone. The media and popular opinion is that you have to have 100k paying job , a big house and a nice whip to be successful. That is why so many people burn out or are not content with life. Success is what you make it. To me I'm successful because I am happy with the career I have while making a decent living. Find out what you want and not what the world says you want.

6. Forget The Money... Chase Your Why

Money is important don't get me wrong , but chasing it will only put you in desperate situations.

If the only reason why your doing something is for financial gain your bound to end up disappointed.

The reason you was put on this earth Is to contribute to it. Taking money over your purpose derails you from that. The ultimate goals is to chase your purpose and then find a way to make revenue.

7. Understand It Takes Sacrifices

My brother warned me about this one, but only experience opened my eyes to this. When everyone was parting and turning up, I was in the house studying. On my Fridays off I was in the gym or in the books. Then you have to remain on top which is the hardest thing. You have people asking you for money , trying you and constantly poking into your business. You have to understand that success takes just more than working hard.

8. Master Your Ego

It's like when your on a road trip and you know your lost but you refuse to get directions. If your stuck in life and don't have the answers go seek mentorship. My brother is my biggest mentor because he is successful and he's older and much wiser. If your doing something that is not going anywhere , there has to be a point where you go back to the drawing boards and reassess your game plan.

9. Be Wise About Your Company

In a crab in a bucket society I was raised in , it was easy for me to get caught up in the mix. It's harder to do the right thing than it is to go along with peer pressure. It was a time when I was waiting to leave for training and it felt like everybody wanted to party and kick it. Winners hang around winners. This goes for relationships too. Don't allow someone to drag you down. Surround yourself with people who have things to lose. Real friends will not jeopardize your future for their own self gain. I have been dealing with being alone for the last 3 to 4 months but honestly being alone has boosted my productivity.

10. Learn The Law Of Attraction

I urge everyone to read the book " 48 laws of power". It talks about this in depth , but a quick rundown of what I have learned is the more you chase the more it runs. When something is meant for you , you don't have to chase it. You send out vibes to the universe that you are needy and it fuels bad energy to what ever you want. When someone knows you want something bad they tend to dangle it over your head to see how far you will go. Damn that! Conceal your intentions and grind for your goals low key. Make short term achievable goals for your self to gather momentum. Life is all about the flow.

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