10 Ways We Improved During The Pandemic

If you are a subscribe to the blog you know we do not have pity parties over here. My blog is all about improving and beating the odds. This unfortunate circumstance has burden us all in many ways, but I'm here to give you 10 ways that it helped us evolve!

1. It Brought Us Together

As humans we are naturally selfish. We are wired to do what is in our best interest for survival. With that being said I feel that many of us are putting a round turn to this Many of us are helping our neighbors , respecting each others space and just being mindful of others. I never seen people cooperate like this in my life. A lot of people are sharing resources and donating money so that others can do better.

2. We Focused More On Our Health

Unfortunately sometimes it causes us people to get punched in the mouth by life in order to know it doesn't feel good. Many are investing in there self by taking vitamins to boost the immune system, washing your hands more often and just trying to stay as clean as humanly possible. With all the gyms closing down people are taking the initiative in creating home work outs. Although I must admit hearing the people that live above me doing jumping jacks can get annoying , at least they are making noise for a good cause.

3. Revealed The Quality Of Our Relationships

Some of us are in dead end relationships we know we have no business being in. While being quarantined with the same person could get old after a while, I feel that it forced us to really pay attention to the person we are actually with.

4. We Got Better At Sex

We all know what happens when you lock up 2 couples in the house too long. After doing something a million times you should be a pro right ? After all of those reps I'm sure some of you were able to discover that there are more positions than just missionary. Practice makes perfect just make sure you are using protection!

5. Stimulus Checks

Many of us are receiving stimulus checks that ranges from $1,200 to more than 3,000 dollars. Not to say that we are rich all of a sudden understanding that a one time check isn't the answer to our problems, but it is a start. For those who are young and living at home it is best to pocket that money. If you need to then use the money, but if you are no dire need to spend money than it's best to put it up or invest it.

6. Learned To Tune Out The Media

I am not anti media or anti news , but I do believe that you listen to some ones opinion too long it could rotten our brain. With a lot of different news outlets coming out with conflicting stories , it makes it easy for those who watch the news non stop to be paranoid. I believe you should check the news for updates then go on about your day and that seems to be what most people are doing. Before the outbreak a lot of us just feed into any rumor feed to us by the media, but now we see through some of the false information.

7. Learning How To Save Money

It is obvious that many are experiencing financial hardships due businesses closing down, but if we are looking at the glass half way full a lot of us learned how to save. It's easy to spend frivolously when we are use to money flowing in, but the unknown of this pandemic has forced many into a minimalist life. The shoes or bags you were going to spend hundreds on is now an after thought. Why spend big on cloths just to sit in the living room. Many people including myself are becoming financial aware of how we spend money which can carry us after the crisis is over.

8. Reading More

Well first off if you are reading anything I hope it's "The Urban Boy Blogs". No but really I have seen a spike in views since the pandemic and that might indicate that people reading more. All of this free time we are not use to are being put into reading and educating ourselves.

9. Self Love

If you are single or living alone that you can attest to these hard times. Being stuck in the house alone seems bad on paper, but really it could be a blessing. A lot of us used this solitude to get to know our self more. We are so use to being around company which focus our attention on others best interest instead of our own. Even if you are in a relationship you can still benefit from self improving and learning yourself which actually strengthens your relationship all together.

10. We Have A New Appreciation

The old saying " you never know what you have until is gone" has proven itself true once again. I didn't how much I took for granted before until now. Not able to go to the gym to play basketball, sports is canceled, no more toilet paper! All of us has lost something we love dearly over the pandemic and the need for safe social distancing. When things get normal again we all will look back on this time and appreciate life much more.

Remember tough times don't last tough people do!

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