3 Credit Boosting Tips For Millennial's

The best thing is having money to buy what you want when you want. Unfortunately for majority of us we have budgets , bills and not enough to get extra things . The Biggest reason etc whatever I ant on demand is having Really Good Credit !!! For example you have an emergency and need to pay for a new tire or you need to pay for a unexpected bill... credit comes in handy.

Here are tips to boost your credit

1. Get A Secured Credit Card

I got a secured credit card with Bank Of America and it cost me $300. You give them 300 and you get the money right back on the card that is available to spend. I only spent around 30 %

off 300 to keep my credit usage lower and make sure you pay your monthly balance on time !!

2. Don't Be Afraid Of Debt

I know as a 20 year old I was taught all my life debt is bad. Don't go into debt and you"ll be fine. However what they don't tell you is the only way to increase your credit score is to go into debt and then pay off your balance on time. This is showing the bank you are responsible with the banks money.

3. Check Your Scores Monthly

I use Credit Karma and other apps to monitor my credit score. There has been time my credit score dropped 25 points simply because I forgot to pay off a balance on a department store credit card. Seeing your credit score go up and down can give you an idea on what you should spend your money and how much you owe.

Having good credit has giving me the freedom to buy shoes , cloths and go places I would normally have to save up to do. Starting to build your credit now is important because having good credit is way more powerful than cash itself !!

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