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5 Dating Tips For Females

Mr, Romance back again to give out free game to the ladies this winter...

1. Be prepared For What Your Asking

A lot if times I hear some females say " I don't know why he won't take me seriously" or " he be playing games". Did you ever stop and think maybe your vibes are pushing him away. I mean like cmon sis.. some of ya'll be still stuck on your ex and having side dudes, but wonder why a guy isn't taking you serious. Us guys are not as dumb as we pretend or how the media portray us to be . We know when all of a sudden your posting thirst traps you and your man are fighting. If you really want a solid relationship make sure that you are emotionally available.

2. The Way You Carry Yourself Determines How We Value You

When you go buy a car you check everything. The miles , scratches , dents even to see how many previous owners it had. Guys do the same thing about dating women. If you don't think we are not checking "thot fax" on you making sure the whole city didn't have their way with you then you mind as well stop reading now . When a guy sees you on IG showing out we think , " okay she bad ,but she an attention whore" or " she cute but she too in the mix". Its definitely a turn off. Not saying you have to be a sister Tarisa ,but if you only go to hookah lounges and post twerk videos we just gonna hit and quit it. You determine how you are going to be treated.

3. Set Your Expectations To Something You Can Match

Look ladies I get it. You want the guy with the 6 figure job , 6 ft. tall and a big penis. Reality sets in for a lot of ya'll in your early or late 30's when everyone asking you " when are you gonna settle down and start a family". Not saying to lower your standards, but I believe as a man I wouldn't ask someone to do something I wouldn't do myself. So if you never been to Ruth Chris a day in your life, how is it cool for you to only want men that will take you out to 5 star dinning. I see it a lot in today's society with the feminist movement, and that's all cool but at the end of the day just be you and date within your bracket. The moment you don't , you give the dude all the power to treat you like dirt because he know you aint going nowhere. Know your worth , but don't set crazy high expectations. Just go with the flow.

4. Stop Letting Ya Friends Dictate Your Feelings

I find it real crazy how ya'll believe ya sis over the guy you have raw sex with but aye to each its own . I'm just saying it's been times where I seen "sis" give me the look behind ya back and ya'll don't peep. Unless the guy is a straight up lame , ya'll gotta take what your friends are saying with a grain of salt. A lot of relationships could last longer If you'd stop letting your friends gas you up. A true sis wouldn't tell you to fuck another guy to get even or to get over your ex knowing ya'll might get back together. Listen to their advice , but also listen to what your man is telling you. Emotional driven advice usually is the worst advice .. just saying.

5. Know Relationships is always A Gamble

Love is a gamble. No matter how much of a asshole you try to be to him, no matter how many time you try to prolong having sex its never gonna postpone your feelings. Its all a give and take. Look I know lil Jo Jo broke ya heart in the 12th grade. Get over it ! To be in a relationship you have to be vulnerable. You have to learn to trust that person. We as humans all have insecurities, just don't let that over rule the relationship. Us guys love it when a girl is comfortable in her own skin. We love to hear what you want to improve on so that way we can help motivate you. Do not come into a new relationship thinking that all men are the same. That's like putting clean cloths on dirty skin. It burns us out as guys trying to prove ourselves that we are not like Tyrone that broke your heart.


6. Keep Being Amazing

We love ya'll. Despite how much shit we talk about ya'll to our friends at the bar, we know at the end of the night we are coming back home to you. Keep smelling good , looking good and throwing that thing back. It's only right. Keep motivating us guys to be better as we are trying to do the same for you.