5 Things Females Really Want

Because I only have limited space im gonna list only 5 LOL

1. Communication

Ive heard this a million times but now I get it. We just want to be in the know on what's going on. Not to be your mother and nag you to death, but why do I have to find out your out and about on Instagram and not first hand. Why do I have to keep calling your phone and you not pick up! that's what makes me get on you because your not keeping a open line of communication. If you tell me whats going on or how you are feeling right then and there I wouldn't have to get on your nerves.

2. Stop Being So Damn Friendly

I give you space to talk to females other than me and your mom and every time

I do your happy ass always smiling in her face. Like damn does she have to see every single tooth in your mouth! Let me talk to a guy or one of your friends at a kick back you ready to jump through

the damn ceiling and kill somebody.

Please , if you don't want me to be the "crazy Girlfriend" just keep these females in check. .. and stop smiling at them so much giving these girls with no edges hope.

3. Just Listen

I know you've heard me talk about the same annoying co-worker. I know you have listen to me blab about my family drama and all the things thats going on. I only do that because one , I love to talk and to I love to talk to you. You don't have to interject me mid sentence to tell me I'm wrong. Just listen to me and understand where I'm coming from sometimes. Maybe then I will feel comfortable telling you one of your friends tried to shoot there shot while you was on vacation. If you don't listen how would you know.

4. Learn Me

You know how to play every game on PS4 without looking at the buttons but don't know my favorite candy. Okay ! Like is it hard just to take the time out to know what I like. I put in the effort to know your work schedule, when you play basketball with the guys and whats your favorite meal. Why cant you know I'm about to be on my cycle so be extra nice to me, or don't bring up certain things that I'm sensitive about. Just take the time out to know me like I do you.

5. Have Confidence

The last thing I want is for you to fold under pressure. Especially when we are in the talking phase, I am going to test you to see if you stand your ground. To see if your about what you say you are or just all talk. If you cant be decisive or take charge I'm going to friend zone you. If you let my opinions dictate your actions all the time I'm going to walk all over you. The more confident you are the more secure I feel.

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