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5 Things I Did To Make Me Richer

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

1. Taking Calculated Risk

So about 2 and a half years ago I passed up on investing in a clothing brand which is now known as Mike Amiri. Way before it’s fame they were an up and coming brand. I chose not to invest in the company and they turned out to be one of the hottest clothing brands out. So every time I hear a rapper say they got 50k in there Amiri’s I get a little sick inside haha. Now ya boy don’t take L’s often so, on a positive note I was due for a new contract with the Coast Guard . Holding on longer than I could me an extra $10k in bonuses. I knew by waiting out I would either risk making double or nothing at all. Thats right I treated the military like Leve’on Bell did the Steelers. In result of waiting i made $20k just in my bonuses alone. My Chief laughs at it to this day and calls me little Odell Beckham Jr because, I held out like I’m a pro athlete lol. Plus they have to pay me double in 4 years!

2. Sacrificing The Party Life

I never forget going to the club and paying $40 to get in and $ 20 for drinks just to stand on the wall and scroll instagram. That‘s the moment I knew like damn I just wasted $60 and my night on this. So I started staying in the house more and working on furthering my career And getting ahead. When I turned 21 I had to stay in my dorm to study for a big test to graduate petty officer school. I’m not gonna lie I was salty , but I knew it was for the good in the long run. When I graduated I went out to celebrate and it felt 3 times as good. Sometimes you have to sacrifice fun to build a lifestyle you truly desire.

3. Spending less on materialistic stuff

Most of my money goes into things I like to do. For example I would go on a vacation to somewhere new before I buy some Balenciaga's. Those shoes will go down in price after a year goes by and the next shoe comes out. I do like nice things but most people only buy them to impress people who don't give a damn. Save your money on useless stuff and spend it on memories with people you love that will last a lifetime.

4. Investing In Myself

I don't know about y'all but I love me some me .. lol but all you should spend your time and effort becoming a better you. This means going to school is you want a degree, take up a new hobby and do what makes you happy. I only work about 12-15 days a month so I figured to generate more income I can get a small part time job. Then I thought about being my own boss and starting up a business and that's what lead me to the "The Urban Boy". Just the start up alone has cost me hundreds of dollars , but it‘s a price I'm willing to pay and the by the looks of it from the love and support this website has received from my first post I will be satisfied.

5. Eliminating Debt

The reason why people will pay their family back before the bank is because the bank wont call you 100 times or threaten you to get their money back. They simply tank your credit and up their interest rate to make you pay. It was hard for me to use my savings to knock out debt because I didn’t want to see my money go but it was the best thing I've ever did. I boosted my credit score and no longer have to pay monthly payments on anything! Lastly you have to have a savings account. Even if you save $10 dollars a pay check dammit put it up. Get in the habit of putting some aside then when your comfortable add more.

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