5 Things Men Want From Their Women

A while ago I made a post about 5 things females want , and it received a lot of positive feedback. Now it is the guys turn to voice their wants!

1. Respect

From beginning of time men fought for honor, power and respect. Although both sex's prefer to be respected, men hold respect to a high degree by nature. The problem in today's society is that it has became the trend to emasculate men. I don't know why all of a sudden it's a trend , but if you ask most men what's one thing they would die for it's their family and honor. In my personal life I had to cut a few females off just purely off respect alone. Not that they were terrible girlfriends or people , but as a man and the leader of the relationship I don't tolerate disrespect from her or anyone else for that matter. Everyone deserves respect as it is a two way streak, but fellas if she can't respect you then she is to be given back to the streets.

2. Self- Care / Upkeep

It is proven that men are more attracted to physical features than females are. Many females come strong in the beginning with how they present themselves in order to attract a guy. The part they miss is that the same way you get a man is the same way you keep him. Not to say you have to look like a IG model every waking moment, but when you let yourself go completely just because you are comfortable men notice it quick and it kills attraction over time. So laddies make sure you never lose that edge to impress your man.

3. Be His Best Friend

I feel like this is a very important one because every relationship should have a level of friendship that it is built on. The way society is set up today it prohibits men from expressing themselves without backlash. It is a great feeling to know as a guy that I can vent to my girl about work, or just general issues that is bothering me. The bond that you have with your man can make or break the relationship especially if you are going through a rough patch. When a man finds a best friend that he is sexually attracted to , he has found the jackpot !

4. BE Whole

We might ask you to call us daddy , but we don't actually want to be yours. This ties in with when people say bring something to the table. I hear a lot of females say " I want a man with money and a big D%ck". Or they ask for a guy with high status in order to elevate themselves. They miss out on the part about being their own person! Both men and women should come into the relationship with their own things going on. No man wants a broke bum with a cute face and a nice ass for a long term partner. I mean yeah it's nice to have a sexy girl on your arm , but we all know that looks fade and bodies change. Us men want a motivated women who is willing to pull her own weight. The number one killer of all marriages is "financial issues". So when you jump into a relationship make sure you are secure with who you are as a person. Make sure you are an addition to a mans life and not a burden. Stop just hoping in relationships because you are lonely. Us men really appreciate a women that comes as a whole person not looking for some one to complete them.

5. Space

Some women get gender roles confused. They think that men want the same things as them and respond the same way they want. This is what cause friction in relationships and even break ups. Now I know you are wondering why space is on the list , but just like everything else attraction grows in space. Us guys don't want to talk on Face Time all day. We really don't enjoy talking for long periods of time despite what most females think. Most men prefer to have a healthy balance in when we see you and call you. I talked to my friends and asked them what's the biggest turn off and they all replied "clingyness". This is because men don't want to be smothered all the time. We enjoy quite and space to do our hobbies without our girlfriend clocking us. The best relationships I have been in was when the girl gave me space to miss her. She gives me time to get stuff done which actually benefits her in the long run.

So ladies remember men are not like ya'll. We want similar things , but we operate and are wired differently. These are not cheat proof tips by the way LOL... but if you incorporate these tips into your relationship, you will see better results!

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