5 Tips To Dominate Your 20's

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

1. Build Your Credit Early

People I cant stress credit enough. Don't waste your 20's just living to get by and not taking it seriously. Build your credit now that way that house or car you want later in life isn't double what its worth. Right now my credit score is around 750. I did this by using credit cards with 30% balance and paying all my loans and bills on time. That's how I was able to buy my new challenger!

2. Avoid Toxic Relationships

This doesn't have to always mean boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be any relationship that you have with someone. Don't wait for people to change because they wont. Not in the way you want them to. Instead just avoid anything or anybody that can hold you back. This is one of the hardest ones ... I know from my experience and I was on both sides of the coin so I'm not being bias but your 20's is not a time to waste it with people who don't value you.

3. Travel and Be Spontaneous

Cloths and cars will depreciate in value but an experience never will. In our 20's we have the most drive and energy to do what we want. Unless you started a family early , you don't have anything holding you back from traveling. Traveling has open my mind up to new stuff. Staying in your hometown all your life is never going to give you that outlook on life as if you was to visit different places.

4. Money is not your main priority

This might sound crazy , but just hear me out. The goal is to find yourself. Find out what you are good at then monetize your talents. Chasing money young will screw your personal development later. You will lose more money trying things that you are not good at vs finding your purpose and building off of that. Understand when you build yourself up it will take time . Rome wasn’t built in a day !

5. Accept Constructive Criticism

We all hate to be told we are wrong no matter what age. As a young person in your 20's its wise to listen to those you trust that are older than you. Find a mentor that is backing up everything they teach. Get one that is where you strive to be.

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