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5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

If you are lacking confidence don't beat yourself up. We all have struggled with lack of confidence

one time or another. I have made a list that I have used that has transcended my way of thinking and boosted my confidence.

1. Point Out Your Weaknesses

The down fall of confidence is sometimes our ego. Our ego sometimes puts us in vulnerable situations , and over time can tank our confidence. So to combat this it is best to make notes of your weakness. We all know the things that we are good at. Most of the time we are praised for knowledge in a certain area or having physical capabilities to do something at a high level. To know what you are not good at opens your mind to a different way of thinking. Now that you know your weak points in your life, you can attack them and fix the issue. This over time will boost your confidence.

2. Work Out

Now I know some of you just rolled your eyes at this one , but it hold a lot of truth to it. Getting in good physical shape will definitely boost your confidence. Majority of us would change our appearance if a fairy could come and grant us that wish. Unfortunately that's not how life works. The only way to improve your appearance and health is to work out and eat a clean diet. Ever since I worked out, I have seen results in my physique. Seeing my gains and muscle starting to pop with out a doubt boosted my confidence. Science has backed up the idea that working out releases chemicals that is tied with having a higher sex drive, energy and confidence.

3. Raise Your Expectations

The greatest athletes in sports all have one thing in common. They all have high confidence. They go out and expect to preform on a high level every time. I have never heard Tom Brady at a pre - game interview say "well the opposing team is good so I am nervous to play them". Never! Micheal Jordan never shy away from a challenge. Even the most successful business owners and investors go into meetings with intentions to come out as the winner. This is because they have a "Winners Mentality". (See last blog to learn). The trick to do this is to put in your head that you are not entitled to the world, but you are entitled to win! The words fail or coming up short is not in your vocabulary. Expect greatness in yourself and your mind will have no choice but to create the energy and drive to preform better. If you expect basic from yourself that is what you are going to get. So aim for being better than average and not only will your confidence will boost , but so will others around you towards you.

4. Have Short Term Memory

We all are guilty of holding onto loses more than victories. As humans we are sometimes our worst critic. I find this true because only we know what is going on in our head before and after we make a mistake. The thing I learned is to let things roll off your shoulders. When I made mistakes or took a lose on things, I would sit and over analyze why I wasn't better. Why did I make a mistake. The answer is because we are human. Without fuck ups we will never learn and adapt. Once I learned that life will inevitably suck at times, I learned to just accept my loses , most importantly learn from them and move on. This will increase your confidence because you are tuning negative thoughts out of your mind and refocusing it on the next task at hand.

5. Take Notes Of Your Victories

There is nothing wrong with making a mental list of your accomplishments. The truth is we hold on to failure so much we forget how great we truly are. Last year I mad a word document where I listed all the milestones and goals I accomplished over the 6 month span. To add to that I noted all the hurdles in life I had to get over. This does two things. It notes mistakes and problem solving. This way I can look back 3 months ago and say " man 3 months ago I was in a place I thought I couldn't get out of". Now you have proof that you are invincible. Boom instant confidence!