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6 Reasons Why You Are Lonely

Updated: Mar 19

1. You Are Busy

You are busy on your purpose that you really don't have time to entertain anyone right now.

From the time you wake up from the time you lay down , you are working , studying , training and improving. You barley remember to eat let alone to text everyone back. It's okay the most successful people are lonely. Yes it is lonely at the top.

2. You Are Secure With Yourself

No need to throw yourself to society when you are comfortable being alone. Not to say that being social is bad, but people that are secure with themselves don't seek validation in others. You don't need a hot girlfriend or boyfriend to fill the void of self worth. True strength is you being able to drink a beer and watch a movie at home alone on a Friday night. Not being out partying chasing waterfalls.

3. You Force People To Get On Their Sh!t

When you are out on your purpose advancing through life , you create this energy and aura about yourself that may scare some away. When you are a man or women of character and morals , especially in this generation you make people adhere to your standards. A lot of people don't want to improve, be pushed or change their ways for the better. It's easier to stay the same than it is to put in effort to becoming a better version of yourself.

4. You Need To Focus !

Weather you believe in God or the energy and ways of the universe, you can't deny that there is a force that pulls and pushes things away or to us. You have been put in time out by the universe for a specific reason . Maybe it's to protect you from something or someone. Maybe it's to get you to focus on your purpose or to give your brain time to process events that has happened in your life.

5. You Are A Negative Nancy

We all hate people that are negative all the time. No one wants to hear your problems all the time because we all have issues to deal with. Venting every once in a while is normal and actually healthy. To always point out whats wrong with the world and voice out your displease with the world then that repels people away.

6. You Don't Want To Be Alone

This kinda ties in to number 4 , but actually not wanting to be alone ... well makes you more lonely. The world always gives you what you want when you don't ask for it. Putting out desperate energy out in the world will only give the universe more reasons to repel people away from you. It's kinda weird that in order to not be lonely , you have to not seek companionship but to be honest the best things came to me when I wasn't actively looking for them.

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