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Pull over hun that guy looks like he needs help

I'm not pulling over for that bum its raining out here

I know but he looks down on his luck

that's not my fault I'm n0t his damn parent he can get a job and

make money shit I pay bills other people are broke too

But hunny your rich just give him some cash it wont hurt you

No I don't want that bum touching my Italian leather seats!

The car drives past the strange man and his wife takes a glare at him as

he weeps . Paul looks because his wife looked and sees something that startled him.

He doesn't see the homeless guy begging for help in the street. He sees a man standing tall in his marines uniform. Then he stares again in disbelief .. then he sees flashbacks of the marine kiss his mother and wife goodbye as he heads off to Iraq. By now he has passed the street and onto a long road. From the corner of his eye he sees the man in his platoon fighting in war bombs exploding beside him .. his best friend dying next to him and he's dragging him by the collar to a bunk to meet the medic. Now Paul is shook just in auto drive while his wife is saying poor guy must of had a bad life. Then Paul sees the man in his review and he is gone .

But suddenly reappears in the middle of the road and Pauls Range Rover came to a emergency stop. Tires screech on the road and hits him. Both panicking they exit the car to see the front of the suv dented. His wife was scrolling Instagram so she guesses he hit a animal and starts calling 911. Paul is standing there in disbelief. He knows he hit the man but there's no way he can say it without being called crazy. The rain picks up and the police sirens get closer and closer. The lighting gets brighter and the thunder gets louder. Paul is searching for the body but doesn't see any thing. The cop comes up to him and asked are you Paul Richardson? He jumps and answers yes and they start filling out paperwork. He goes and gets his insurance out the glove compartment and noticed there was a item hanging from his mirror. He reaches over and its dog tags. He immediately starts to break down and cry. Then he realized the guy in the rain begging for his help was himself.

The Dog Tags belonged to his best friend who died beside him in war. See Paul was a prideful man. He got inheritance after the military and felt entitled to the world. He never saw the good in people .. always judging people unfairly causing toxic vibes. Only tonight he saw life through a new lens. The rain was for the memory of the burial of his fallen marine. The lighting for the fire in his eyes from watching his enemy's burn. The thunder for all the bombs that burst around him killing his friend. It took Paul Richardson to die to see how he treated people.

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