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The Truth Why People Cheat


Revenge cheating - usually has the best sex. He or she has been messing up consistently and now your ready for payback

Drunk cheating- You had one two many shots of taquila at the kick back while your man was at work being a hard working king. This sex is very sloppy and usually stay between her home girls

Emotional Cheating- When one feels unwanted or not having their needs met. This is normally a female thing which is the 80% reason why they cheat. This is also the worst kind of them all.

Validation Cheating- Some people cheat to seek the feeling of being wanted by someone else. When someone says " I love him or her" 9 times out of 10 they could , but they want to test the market to see if they can do better.

Here Are The Rules Of Cheating

1. If you live with your girl currently you are not authorized to cheat. You cannot afford to entertain other females when your funds are extremely low. Cheat on your job with another one to multiply you income to afford your own place!

2. If you cheat on your man you are not authorized to complain or demand any further compensation from him. Its bad enough the poor guy is getting his call declined when your back is being blown out, but don't make him pay for your vacation to Miami too.

3. If you cheat and get caught just leave. The price you pay to leave vs staying isn't worth it if you do not want to be with him or her anymore. Many stay in guilt, but that only makes you a prisoner to the mistake that you already owned up to.

4. Do not and I repeat do not get in a relationship with the person you cheated with. This is a sure way of getting your feelings hurt sis. I say sis because most females fall into this category. Ya"ll get emotionally attached to him and forget he will leave you because he isn't loyal either.

Gender Roles

MEN- We cheat because we just want something different. The hardest thing for a guy to do is stick to one women. So if we cheat don't blame us blame science . Most of us master the trait of not falling for temptation because we know the consequences are far steep than the 15 minutes fame. When females say I cant believe he cheated on me with her , its not because she's prettier than you. Its because she can suck better than the vacuum in the closet and ride better than a S500.

FEMALES - Ya'll cheat because you believe the grass is greener on the other side.

They sometimes feel unappreciated, unwanted or feel like their efforts are not recognized.

There is also the female hypergamous nature that drives them for more alpha male like traits with more social proof , resources ect. A lot of females settle for the guy that is not their sexual preference simply because he can provide your ideal lifestyle. Women cheat up and men cheat for variety typically.

Side Effects Of Cheating

Once you cheat there's no coming back. You have made your choice and you have to leave with it. We as humans are selfish by nature. Cheating is selfish because your only thinking about your pleasure and not how it would affect your partner. When you cheat on someone you better be ready for the karma that is going to come back on you. It could be the most perfect person you ever met , then they do you dirty like you did your last partner. Now you face the reality that your karma has finally caught up to you.

What You Can Learn From It

Finding out you got cheated on can be a wake up call. Maybe you spent all your time at work and neglected your partner needs. Maybe you failed to realize that you and your partner had problems and instead of addressing them , you swept them under the rug. Not to say getting cheated on is your fault , but I do feel that we contribute to some of the voids that our partners feel at times that drives them to fulfill them elsewhere. Of course you can be mad at the person for messing around behind your back , but ask yourself did you give them a reason to switch up.

But If You Do ...

If you do find yourself being cheated on DO NOT blame yourself entirley. It's out of your hands at that point and after all , you put your trust in that person and they let you down.


At the end of the day one thing I can promise you if you cheated or been cheated on life will go on. You will learn from it an grow from I. Regardless of what side you are on , ya'll all deserve to move on and be happy at the end of day.