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4 Forms The Devil Came To Me

1. A Toxic Female

Imagine taking a girl out a Ruth Chris to drop her off and get in an argument on why another female is liking your pic on Instagram. Imagine how it feels to put your pride aside for the greater good and get things thrown in your face. Anybody that knows me to the slightest knows that I love to smile and enjoy life. When someone tries to spread their negativity onto me I just simply remove them . Fellas especially, its ok to have high standards and stick to them! In opinion looks and attraction is cool but, in long term look for someone that has some substance. The wrong female can screw ya life up and leave you high and dry. The moment I saw the evil in her I walked away and never turned back.

2. Materialistic Stuff

I am blessed enough to have a salary where I can afford nice things but it wasn't always like that. Instagram doesn't show you peoples bank account balance or credit score. You only see the highlight reel of peoples lifestyle. I feel victim to this and ended up broke. When I moved to California I would spend $300 on shopping every other week. I don't know what the hell I was thinking and eventually it lead me being broke! I had about $55 in my bank account, buggin out on the phone with my big brother. All because I wanted to keep up with people and social media. The worst feeling is knowing you got tricked out ya spot , but I'm not ashamed to admit this because it was lesson I needed to learn.

3. Instant Gratification

This is one of the worst ones to me because its easily overlooked. This is how people lose their house to Vegas , Cheat and lose the person they really love and more. Everyday your searching for your fix.. since its instant that means you constantly have to elevate your expectations. Never being satisfied with nothing in life. The car you bought last year needs to be upgraded.. the house you got needs more renovations.. to a point your not buying things or doing things for you but just for the rush. This will leave you broke and bitter at the end.

4. Self Doubt And Fear Of Doing What You Want

Self doubt is just the Devil trying to talk you out of doing something great . Starting this blog I had self doubts about its success and if its going to be a waste of my money and time. I know that it is not going to blow up over night but I refuse to quit. It is easy to give up when the views are low and nobody believes in your vison. I had people tell me "man people aint tryna read all of that" or you should just be a YouTuber instead. These are all tactics that the devil use to throw you off your game ! Instead I stayed 10 toes down and believe in myself and because I love to make these blog post I can care less what the haters say and, neither should you.

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