Brushing my teeth and finishing up watching my show, I'm getting ready to call it a night. I text my man good night and I love him before I dose off. He works night shift at the factory and picked up a few hours to make ends meet for us. Lately we have been distant. The sex has slowed down and stressed has picked up. Seems like James and I don't vibe anymore.

He doesn't show me that much attention and love ever since he got that second job. It makes me feel if I should stay or not. I told myself I would give it about 2 more months … if noting has changed I'm leaving.

3 Months Later (JAMES STORY)

Butterflies in my stomach, as I unwind getting ready to for the night to end. I'm thinking how I am going to purpose to my girlfriend Jessica .She don't have a clue how hard I have been working trying to get this money for the ring and a nice wedding. She is at her friends house spending the night so I can surprise her tomorrow morning with a trip. When I layed down I finally had the whole bed to myself. Something I'm obviously not use to so I spread my body out a little. I normally sleep on the right side but this time I decided to switch it up.


James is tossing and turning. He's defiantly having a nightmare. Stop he keeps shouting! Stop that shit! James faces is turning red and his fist balls up. Then he starts to sleep talk.

Why !?! Why he asked. James continue to sleep through the night with the terrible nightmare.


10 Missed calls from James girlfriend and her friends. Jessica's friend tells her that she had a surprise trip planned and he was long overdue. They get in the car a rush over to the house. Baby wake up ! oh no what happened. I don't know girl check his pulse! Ok ok ohh shit oh shit call 911. Okay her friends says frantically. Oh no baby please wake up! God please help me. She is holding James lifeless body in the bed pleading for help. EMS shows up and tried to revive James but they couldn't and he was pronounce dead. She found the proposal ring in his pocket and drop to her knees in disbelief. James is dead and gone.

Cause Of Death

When James was at work grinding for his girlfriends dream wedding, Jessica couldn't stay patient. She craved attention from a man and went to seek it else where. By James sleeping on the left side of the bed that night, he relived every cheating scene his girlfriend had with her side dude. He never slept on that side of the bed and by doing so he absorbed her perspective and the truth of the person he really was sleeping with every night . In the dream James was standing in his wedding tuxedo by the bed with a hand covering his mouth. Paralyzed and can’t move, James was forced to watch the women he loved and wanted to marry have passionate sex with a complete stranger in the same spot of the bed he was currently sleeping on before the dream. This killed him Internally and was a cause of Death of a broken heart 💔.

"Cheating , lying and deceit kills us internally. Search for the truth risk dying in some form, Don't listen to your intuition and risk sleeping with the enemy"- Jordan

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