If The Devil Could Talk

You ever wondered what the forces that work against you would say to you if they could.

We always picture the devil being some red man with horns sticking out of his head. We talk to God and ask him to speak back. We never thought about talking to the devil and getting a response.

What I came to realize is that we as people struggle with the forces of good and bad everyday. In reality you talk to God and the devil everyday. When you catch yourself in a spiritual crossroad and your morals are involved, the devil is talking to you. The devil is that sexy girl that is telling you to have sex with her raw. She has the best body you have ever seen and she's pretty. This is a 10 out of 10 and you never had that quality before. She could have a disease that could end your life , but your hormones and the lust is clouding your judgment. The thing is she is not the devil. She is just a victim of the same choices your about to make.

Your about to take a leap of faith and go after your dreams. You have nothing holding you back , but for some reason you hesitate. This is the devil talking to you telling you cant do it. Telling you that your not big enough or fast enough. You are not smart enough but in reality you can do it.

You cheat on your significant other because of lust or because you think the grass is greener on the other side to find out its not. By time you find that out its too late and you've lost it all. Greed is a language that the devil express in us through the state of desire. When he sees you desire something he will dangle that poison in front of you and watch you jump and reach for it.

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