If Your D!ck Could Talk

Okay Keisha on her way over and I'm nervous. Don't be nervous bro you good the penis says. Nah bro I'm nervous because I really like her and I don't want to mess it up and be on some weird vibes you know. Relax big bro I gotchu when have i ever steered you wrong? What ! you remember you didn't get hard for Destiny the last time and she told her home girls i needed to take Cialis !! Oh my god here we go again , I mean shit even lebron misses dunks every know and then damn... and besides she wasnt even all that, just because you can use me don't mean you gotta abuse me. Alright I’ll give you a pass but promise me if tonight go smooth you will be on your A-Game. I gotchu my guy and put me in the gold Ethikas im feeling premium tonight.


(Hey Im at your door text ) Heyyy Keisha. Hey James. Dayum says Penis !! Son she looking good. Aye man chill out you told me you was gonna behave. Ight Ight ill fall back but we just not gonna act like she aint got the Dick Me Down shorts on with the tank top. I peep lil bro says James. You want something to drink ? Ill take some water. Water !?? says penis. Shhh dont say nothing else. James is warning him to remain silent.


So James you drink? Ugh ugh .. Yes he does drink Penis interrupts. Yes i drink , you want some shots or something. Yeah that would be nice. Okay ill be right back. (James walks to the kitchen grabbing glasses). Big Bro you gotta pour more in that glass big bro. What James replies. Why we just casually drinking. No bro Im telling you , when girls get that liquor in there system they act different. What no Penis Im not gonna delibritly get Kiesha drunk i have morals. Man pour the extra shot and stop being a bitch. Okay Okay says James.

3 1/2 Shots IN

Look at her bro. Just sitting there all sexy and shit. Her booty looking so nice I can only imagine what she feel like inside. Whoaa slow your roll I'm not going to have sex with her on the first date, she isn't like that. Look James, girls love having sex on the first night.. the only reason they don't is because guys like you don't initiate and they fear your going to slut shame her or lose interest. Damn Penis , never thought about it like that. Hey james you wanna go to your bed room. Oh shit Say yes please !! Yeah Follow me shorty.

Bed Room

(Kiesha Moaning) damn James you really turning me on. Oh yeah take off your cloths. Oh shit its really happening. James hold on she not ready yet, spend some more time on foreplay so you don't scratch my damn head up. Okay I got you. (more moaning). At this point Kiesha is at her maximum lubrication. Ugh James?!! yeah bro ima little busy. James aren't you forgetting something. Oh yeah a condom. Ha um duh Im not tryna have achne and be on fire because you wanna be all gun hoe.


Yes !! Yes!! Right there James moans Kiesha. James slow down bro. Hell no Penis Im in the mood right now Im killing her shit. Yo James chill out I dont know if i can last that long my battery is on 5%. Man dont you start this shit right now she having fun. James proceed the back shots. Bro i cant breath .. like did you even pinch the tip . Shut up bro ! Oh Im about to cum James says Keiesha . Suddenly the world went quite. Penis !! yells James . Yo don't go left or right just the same motion the race is almost over. Okay James i gotcha!!

The Next Morning

Damn James You was really showing off last night. LOL penis if you was as big as your ego we would be on Brazzers. Whatever man , did Kiesha text you and tell you that she loves you. No why would she. See James when you do what you did last night to girls they have no choice.

25 Mins later (text)

Hey James who else you be fucking like this?


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