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Pool Hall Holly

It was a Friday night and a rainy day. I just got off work so i figured I would go to the pool hall to undwind. You know shoot a couple games and call it a night. So I go to the local pool hall down the street from my house. I tell the bar tender rack um up on table 2 . As im warming up I see this girl out of my parifrial just standing there watching me. "You got a nice shot " she say's. Oh me nah that's me just getting lucky. I was taught to be humble in life. Hi I’m Holly You knew around here"? Yes I am i respond. At this point im thinking she's trying to flirt. Yeah im from Baltimore. Oh wow what brings you down south she asks. Just work . I try not to tell people im in the military.

As i shoot another game she asks me if she wants to play a friendly game. I say sure why not, I got the table all night. When I get to the last few balls she hit me with the " hey you wanna make a bet" ? Ohhh geez I think to myself. Sure whats the bet? Loser buys 2 shots. Okay bet. I hit my couple shots , and she loses. " Yesssir ms.lady cough it up". she huffs laughingly and orders 2 shots of crown. Ya'll know what Crown does to me. " You wanna play again ? she asks. " You wanna lose again "? oh shut up it was one game. Okay we'll see. She proposes loser this time buys 2 more shots. In my mind this girl is just trying to have a good time. Okay bet. We play and I win again. Bartender orders 2 more shots.

So before he did I use to bathroom and take my drink with me on the way. I come back and she's like hey Jordan this is my boyfriend James. Boyyyyfriennddd ?? I was a little salty but whatever, atleast the drinks were on her not me. So I wouldn't feel bad if I left the Pub empty handed. Her boyfriend immediatly challenges me to a money game. Ah man nah it's getting late I was actually just heading out. "Oh so you can make bets for my ole lady all night , but cant be man enough to bet me" He say's. " Thats you'r car right there? as he points threw the window. Yeah why? OOOOhhweee that thing right there clean man and it has the V8 you must be rolling in money huh? Look man I don't want no parts im just gonna leave. " Go head leave then lil Pussy". What tf you just say. Now im heated. Play me for some money common I got $300 says I win. You know what bet.

So he's stripes im solids we each are battleing. Our money is on the table and we are going toe to toe. He then gets it down to 2 balls. I have 3 left. " Boy you think you gonna win you fixing for a real letdown. Ight bro i reply. Im reaming doubtful but optimistic. Boom he hits 2 balls in. Now im scared. His girl is looking at me with that i just got his ass look. " Yeah baby lets go" his girlfriend Holly says. Only the eight ball left he calls right corner pocket. Boom and he misses. The weight was lifted off my chest temporarily, I still had 3 balls left. Boom i hit all 3 in. Now they look nervous. It's all on me now. I take a deep breath and call corner pocket. I hit....and I MADE IT IN!! YESSSSIIIRRRR!! I cheer with glee. He hands me the money in my hand. " Got dammit Holly what happened to the plan". What you mean i tried to get him drunk it aint work! Well got dammit now I lost $300 thats our rent money. As they bicker back and forth im walking out to my car with the biggest grin on my face.

You see when she was offering me 2 more shots I knew something was up. When i went to the bathroom I dumped it out real quick when she didnt see me. They was hoping to get me drunk and talk trash to get me to play drunk and lose money. They forgot im from Baltimore, LOL we on everything.