Sleepless Nights

Tossing and turning in my sleep. As I scroll IG to try to pass the time , I just can't fall asleep.

I turn off Sports Center and my phone and forcing myself to get some rest. About midway I hear a loud thump noise coming from my ceiling. Mind you I live in apartments so there's no telling where the noise is actually coming from. As the noise proceeds I get up and make my way to the above level to talk to the neighbor. I knocked on the door and nobody answered. This was odd because I was hearing the noises all night and no one answered. I felt like I was being played with so I went back to my apartment.

The Next Day

The next day I talk to my leasing agent. I know yall think I'm snitching, but I work shift duty and I need all the sleep I can get before work. The lady laughed and told me no one has lived up there for the last 3 years. I was immediately shocked and just said okay then. Walking to my apartment again I looked at the apartment above me and it was covered in spider webs and old commercial adds stuffed inside the door. I figured the leasing lady was right and maybe the noise was coming from somewhere else.

Later That Night

I was unwinding for work tomorrow once again. I finish my snack and I pray to have a good day and keep my supervisors off my ass. Once I started falling asleep I heard the loud thumbs again coming from my ceiling. I get up full of frustration and put my Nike slides on and run upstairs to the apartment above me.

I knocked on the door hard and the door kinda made this unlocking noise. I open the door and was shocked at what I saw. What I seen is myself fighting the devil. I was being knocked around the apartment and I was kicking the devil ass. I then saw the other angles fighting the demons in the corner. When I seen all of this my heart stopped and I just stood there in awe. That's when I seen myself look at me and told me to run! So I ran my ass down stairs , locked my door and jumped in my bed. I then prayed and fell asleep shortly after

The moral of the event I learned is the upstairs was really just my head and how it was over thinking and roaming in the middle of the night. The loud thumps was the stress and impact it had on me keeping me up at night. The vison of seeing myself fight the devil was really me fighting my subconscious. Most of us really overthink at night , which keeps us up. Even though all of this was a dream it help me realize that at night we take off the mask and our subconscious deals with our true emotions.

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