As you all know the Hot Girl Summer is unwinding and the Cuffing Season is making its approach. As the commissioner of the City Boys it is my duty to ensure my black kings get the best female for their worth. With the first round of the draft comes with great accomplishment. These are the females that went to summer classes or picked up extra hours at the job. These such females did not participate in the Hot Girl Summer shenanigans. These females will get their top pick of kings.

Now Anthony has the pick number 2 in the draft and he is looking for a nice girl to settle down with. Rumor has it that he wants to use it on Jessica. After being told this I had to provide Anthony with the facts about Jessica. So Jessica is known to be at all the local events aka always in the mix. Even tho she is a 8.5 she also has 2 kids and currently is living with her mom. Not only does Jessica party often but she is prone to STD's . This tanks her value because as the commissioner of the league I have to ensure the safety and wellbeing of my young Kings.

Now Donte had a number one pick but traded down to get a 2nd and 3rd rounder. Smart of his behalf because he gets a girlfriend in the 2nd round and a side chick for the 3rd.


The potential number one pick in the draft has fell 10 spots. Shamira lost her spot because of allegations of having 3 one night stands over the course of the Hot Girl Summer. This was not on our scouting report initially. When confronted about the allegations she told recruiters that the stories was false and she is a good girl who is "NOT LIKE THAT". After further investigation, our team has found insta -snaps and receipts to back up the accusations. Shamira stock and rank has fell tremendously because she had sex with "THE BROS". There is no room for dishonesty in my draft and certainly females who willingly breaks the bro code.

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