The Illustrator

They say the most powerful thing in the world is an idea. That means the brain is the most powerful object in this planet. I was told that i have the most creative mind people has ever seen. While others judge me for not being the typical millennial girl. I have a gift that i have yet to share with people , but it is so powerful that only those close to me could find out. My gift is that I can paint reality.

When I am sad I go to my room and paint a rose and some animals because those are the things that make me happy. Then when I'm finish I close my eyes then re open them and its in front of me. Crazy I know. I cant tell people this for the same reasons you are scratching your head reading it but its true. If I am mad I draw pictures of the beach to calm me down. Then when I close my eyes and I can hear the waves crashing on the shore. I never understood why god gave me this power until one day .

I was walking home one day and I was snatched up by these groups of guys. They pulled me into a dark alley and beat me up and raped me. I didn't tell anyone for the fact I was scared of being judge and treated differently. The hurt and emotional scar was so deep It filled me with hatred and rage. How could someone do something so evil to me? Then I eventually told my parents , but it was too late to press any charges or prove i was indeed raped.

This put me in a dark mental state , and I felt like in order to get justice I have to take matters in my own hands. I wanted my attackers and make them feel how I felt. I picked up my canvas and started drawing. I drew everything bad I wanted to happen to them. I drew them getting abused , attacked , going to jail and even death. Knowing my power could turn this into reality, I faced a tough decision. I could make these men pay for what they did. I finished the artwork and closed my eyes. Only this time I didn't open them. I took a deep breath , reopened my eyes and destroyed the painting. The reason I didn't go through with it is , no matter how much damage I cause to my attackers I will never get even. What they took from me I will never be able to get back. God gave me a gift to paint my reality and he would be ashamed if i used it for bad. So instead I painted all the positive traits I want to have. I painted the mindset of me moving on and copping with it , while maintaining a healthy life. I painted a forgiving heart , something I didn't have. I closed my eyes and the next day I felt better and saw the world through a new lense.

" We all possess the ability to paint our reality. Your words and thoughts are the driving force that predicts the future. Pick up your mental paint brush and use the world is your canvas" - The Urban Boy

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