The Power Of Walking Away

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

In business the person that is willing to walk away has all of the power. In war the army that has all the resources and soldiers win. The biggest power a person can have is to simply walk away. When people talk down on you and spread rumors , bringing negativity, just simply walk away. My life is very pressured based oriented. I often have to make daily choices that could make or break me. The more successful you get the more you have to lose. I cant be trying to make 6 figures and snapping on everybody that said something slick out there mouth.

People associate walking away as being weak or quitting. Your brain knows when to walk away from a situation. Most just don't like the feeling of having nothing to complain about or simply too emotionally attached to what's causing them pain. Damn that , walking away saved me from aoalking away opened more doors for me on the other end . For instance a lot of people that goes to jail tell you why they went, in your mind your like well why didn't you just walk away. As a young African American male I learned this tactic will save your life. I study the art behind war not because I'm in the military and I love bombs and guns, But it teaches you that the battles you lose are minuscule to the wars you win.

Wise people know when to walk away. Most don't over the emotion they feel at the time. I learned in this world the most powerful person in the room is the one that doesn't need to be there. Walking away doesn't make you scary. The scary part is when your enemy sees that you are not retaliating. That makes them nervous. It makes people nervous when you don't seem pressed for what they are offering. Walk away from the shit that is bringing you down so God can trust you with things that will build you up.

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